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water and they're not too far away, will. >> understandable, bob barnardod with the story. >>> a support for embattledd kenneth ele ellerbe. el a group of people expressed their displeasure with the way y the city council was treating ellerbe. they suggest politics and race e had something to do with it. it paul wagner is here with the the story. >> reporter: 20 or so people pe gathered reporters on thers on e 5th floor of the building and questioned why the chief was taking so much heat from the d.c. members of the council. co. and they called that nobody called of the recision nation of the previous chief and suggested that. race with a high-profile endorsement from the firefighters union. >> i too, feel that things have gone on before he became our our fire chief, nothing was done doe about it, but all of a sudden, n we have people in the city city council that is calling for his resignation. i think that they need to just t let him do his job and do ondo with the business of the city. >> reporter: what one mann noted no one had asked for chief dennis resignation following stories t
a press conference has just wrapped up on this case. bob barnard is there right now. bob, take it away.e it >> reporter: you are lookinglon at a saifn assistant police chis you might have reported at the top of the show, the autopsy is basically inconclusive, itve, it doesn't tell investigators their cause and the manner of death, but it does say that there were no signs of trauma to michaelto kins bury's body but his body had started to decompose, so hee had been dead a while when they found him.d although they don't know exactly at what time he tied. also, they are not sure if michael was in that car the whole time from the time he wasa reported missing sunday morning around 9:00, 9:30 until he was found yesterday afternoon, a a full 30, or 32 hours later. what they can tell us now, is there were four police officerse who at some point during thatng long search for michael looked inside the car. they never looked inside of the trunk, but they say they for whatever reason they asked the trunk of that car withoutcar opening it, but that four separate officer as early as 1:30 sunday af
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2